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Examples of my work

Although my skills are prominent and diversified sometimes a list of skills is not enough to show what a professional can do, sometimes you simply have to show it. On this page you will find my most recent projects from clients that have been generous enough to allow me to use them in my portfolio. A complete list of skills can be found on my resume page.

BarnaBee Honey

This website is the pinnacle of our work and one of the higher end websites you will find for small businesses. It is for a local Honey manufacturing company that creates their own Honey in a facility right here on Long Island. The owners wanted to create an information platform for their product along with a hub for selling their product online. This wondrous eCommerce platform is full of HD images, expertly written SEO friendly content and a CMS for the owners to run their shop from. See the site yourself here! 

Murphy usa

An annual report converted to a website however this one has a dynamic JQuery menu. I was able to create a dynamic, changeable website with animations based on the company’s needs. It includes a page with a vertical sub-menu which is rarely seen.

Renovations Are Us

Renovations Are Us is a premier contracting firm based out of New York. This website is an example of a basic information website. This website has a large AdWords campaign backing it which helps the company target those individuals most likely to use their services. 

The Party Ride

The Party Ride asked for a bar-none website with all the features a website could have. After 3 redesigns over 3 years we came up with the perfect balance between high class beauty and maximum natural listing SEO. Every picture and graphic here was done by my service including the astonishing Google Ranking via creative content and the beautiful HD photography. This site was also integrated into the company's reservation system and generated leads on a daily basis! Click here to visit the site. 

IPA Suffolk

IPA of Nassau and Suffolk is a premier physician’s association serving New York. This website was created from scratch with a prototype and heavy design work. The website has a Drupal CMS built into it which allows the users to change the content whenever they wish. Custom coding was used to implement bootstrap 3 mobile-first protocols into Drupal.

International Paper

This is an example of a parallax-effect website based on JQuery. The micro-site is a direct conversion from the company’s Annual Report PDF. This is one of the many examples of design to functional development that highlight what my expertise are capable of. 

Herbal Supplements Care

This is a Shopify information website with dynamic product analytics. The social network behind the company is connected to the website creating two outlets for sales. My role in this website was primarily post-setup. I did the social marketing, SEO and analytics.

Intelsat Annual Report

This financial performance website was created using a simple design concept and brought to life by JQuery and responsive web-design work. The client required animated aspects to work throughout the website on desktop while still staying mobile-ready.


Kapstone is yet another example of how any design can become a functional website. This annual report was sent to the company as a frame to which they added information that they needed to relay to their shareholders.

Vivify New York

An old company website that I have included for the sake of completion. The design work, like most of the websites in my portfolio, was done by me.

Pegasus Transport

Pegasus Car Service is an advanced website created for a high volume luxury black car company specializing in high quality transportation. Their website was created by our talented staff from scratch. Our representative sat with their head of marketing and drew out a design starting point from which we created a prototype. Within weeks their ideas came to life and gave their company a fresh new look to their portal to the world wide web.

Click here to visit the site. 

Mr. Mart USA

This website was designed mostly to show off the photography. A nice trip down to beautiful Boca Raton Florida gave me the privilege of taking business photographs of the company’s assets, office and staff. The website is a basic HTML/Bootstrap website with information incorporation.

Pegasus Shuttle

Pegasus Shuttle is a sister site to the Pegasus Transportation company which services the employees of high end companies such as NBC and Unilever. They provide shuttles from GMC to Sprinters that require a schedule with a stop-by-stop breakdown for each company so we created a log-in system which allows each employee to see where their closest stop would be. Visit the site here.