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About Me

Who Is Durraiz?


My name is Durraiz, pronounced as “The Raise.” I have been a professional Front-End Web Developer for over 8 years. Actually ‘Front-End’ does not describe what I do very well. I am a self-starter, complete Website developer, manager and optimizer. I landed myself this role when I worked for a high end limousine bus company that had only one person in their IT/Web department, me! I learned how to develop HTML websites from scratch as well as heavy flash animation, graphic design, compiling, launching, content writing and the list goes on and on. Although I am a well-rounded professional, my focus is on developing expert-class websites from scratch, all of my other experiences aid me in this because in the end I am a business person; understanding my client’s needs, the way they want the website to function as well as the way they want it to look is my ultimate forte.

In 9th grade I dove into the world of web development by practicing flash, html and some css (it was basic back then) on my lunch periods. Soon I fell in love with developing websites and used them for, well I was in 9th grade so mostly just fooling around and trying to impress nerdy girls. When I was in college I started a sales job at a company that also needed a web developer and thus began my journey into the professional world of website development.


Currently I come from a freelancer background and I believe it gives me an edge over other developers because my world doesn’t just consist of code and design, it is a business-focused world whose primary purpose is delivery. What I have noticed in my 8+ years of creating websites and 5+ years of running my own freelance business life is that there is nothing more important than delivery. Delivery or ‘follow-through’ is essentially what clients care about, no one cares if you are an expert unless you can get them what they want and that is where I thrive (along with understanding at a professional level how web-development actually works).